how to play axie infinity

How To Play Axie Infinity On Android Or Mobile With Easy Steps – Playing games is a hobby that many people enjoy nowadays. There are children, teenagers and even parents today are still happy with playing games.

The game itself is widely available on various platforms such as mobile, PC, computer and playstation. However, nowadays more games are played in the mobile version by the users. The genre or type in a game itself varies.

There are genres of strategy, combat, racing and many more that you can play right now. This time, we will discuss a strategy genre game called Axie Infinity. The axie infinity game is currently being played by many users from various parts of the world.

There must be something interesting about the game axie infinity that is widely played today. Then what is something interesting? Let’s discuss interesting facts and how to play Axie Infinity below.

Axie Infinity Battle Strategy Game

As previously explained, the axie infinity game is a strategy battle game that is widely played by users in the world. Axie itself is the name of the character in this game.

The reason this game is widely played is because this game can provide income or make money. That’s why, players in the world are interested in the game axie infinity.

In this game, you will be asked to collect monsters named axies and fight them with other axies. You can buy them, keep them, and fight with other axies.

For that, this time the admin will provide information about how to play axie infinity on android or mobile. So you can judge for yourself what the axie infinity game itself is like.

how to play axie infinity

How To Play Axie Infinity On Android Or Mobile

  • Open the browser on your device, then visit the link
  • After entering the main page, click Play Now
  • Then select the platform you want to use to play this game, it can be iOS, Android or Mac OS.
  • Meanwhile, if you want to play it on Android, first download the Axie Infinity game, extract the file and follow the construction until the installation process is complete.
  • Before starting the game, you have to buy three Axies first. You do this by clicking the Marketplace tab on the site
  • Here you need two cryptos to make a purchase, namely MetaMask and Ronin Wallet.
  • Click Login in the upper right corner of the Marketplace page. You can choose Login with registered MetaMask.
  • Top up the MetaMask crypto or Ronin Wallet.
  • Return to the Marketplace tab and select the Axie you want.
  • Make a purchase and check the Inventory menu to make sure the Axie you bought is entered.
  • After having at least 3 Axie. Open the Axie Infinity application that was installed earlier.
  • Click Play and select a game mode, either Adventure or Arena.
  • If the Axie application that you have purchased does not appear in the application, just click the Axie icon in the lower left corner. Then click Sync Axie.
  • Now you can start playing in Axie Infinity.


So many explanations about how to play axie infinity on android or mobile that admin can convey. I hope this information can help you find how to play axie infinity on android or mobile as expected.

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